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Nasim Haddad @nasimulator
🚀 Blasted all over tv screens as host,
a YesMan, & inter-jack-lactic of all trades..
On cruise control indefinitely.
on a couch
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Nasim Haddad @nasimulator ∙ 12m Idk if I can stomach Season 2 of #TheBoysTV or Toyko Ghoul. It might be a Cells at Work! kind of day? Or sleep? It's sleep.
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Nasim Haddad @nasimulator ∙ 20m Congrats in order for @morganasaurus. Welcome to the big times, Morgan. I'll address that tho. #SNTVNEWS
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Nasim Haddad @nasimulator ∙ 30m I'm not addressing anything rn. Respect my time. Thanks. 😑
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Nasim Haddad @nasimulator ∙ 50m Also here. The duality of it all.

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Nasim Haddad @nasimulator ∙ 1hr Mentally I'm here

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GameSpot @GameSpot ∙ 1hr Cyberpunk 2077 won't be delayed again https://trib.al/arhcZgc

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🚩 строить назад лучше 🏴🕛 @ACorollaries ∙ 12hr zoomers aren't allowed to make fun of early 2000s culture, you kids will never understand, every adult in our lives went insane after 9/11, this awful bullshit is all we had          3.6k          38.8k        
Nasim Haddad @nasimulator ∙ 2hr ``Your lower self isn’t a monster, just highly misunderstood. They need as much love as your higher self. Your lower self absorbs all of the pain you push back. Don’t be ashamed of them, love them. They need love too. They want love from you.`` -my driver          3.5k          11k        
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møbbdë3ń @Deen8 ∙ 21hr Do white folks get sad when they see property damage in the MCU?
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Nasim Haddad @nasimulator ∙ 2hr #NewProfilePic

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Nasim Haddad @nasimulator ∙ 2hr Feels like I've missed 5yrs worth of shit. 👋🏽
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