May 23, 2019 at 19:46 PM

Note to self...
-It's going on two weeks now. Time to go home. Try to.

-Make peace with what it is and ask ring to search for cognitive behavioral therapy tactics to get ol' boy talking. Try to.

-When you get back to Earth, don't return Chanel's calls. See note below.


-Pay back Jamari for holding down the fort.

-Wash your ass and shave too.

-And clean up the house thoroughly.

-Shorten your leave of absence, quick like before you lose your job(s) and their good faith.

-Take care of yourself.

bro...answer your damn phone sometime!
anytime now. fr!!
uh my know how being out in the wilderness is.
no i don't know. enlighten me. when are you coming back? your groupies keep showing up trying to solicit me.
gtfo. they're not hoes ok.
if the shoes fit, sim. if the shoes fit.
easy! if shit gets out of hand just call..
call who? the police? lmao...fuck off. my question has gone unanswered.
idk, man. not for a while. just make sure my dogs and the lady of the house is good.
is this part of your job now? are you avoiding us? your nephew's been looking for you.
yeah something like that. i can't talk about it. under contract. spoils the filming process. tell lil' guy i miss him.
i don't believe you, bro. we're worried about you and i can't hold mom off any longer. she's talking about flying out here.
uh..shit. i'll explain everything when i get home. if..i mean yeah. convince her not to fly out. i have to go hike.
NASIM!!!! answer your phone, jerk!!
Super Nora
yeah, maybe. i dunno.
won't know until you in it.
i'm not cut out for this whole being human thing.
idt there's a right or wrong way to be. but uh if anyone is, despite what can't be easily climbed from, it's you.
i dunno, man. i'm wondering if it's all worth it.
people are assholes.
eh they are. better to stay away.
i don't know why i keep trying.
i'll be honest with you, shit like that really makes you ...hella cautious of linking up with people. like it's better if they're at a distance and stay that way. but that's just me. not fucking with everyone on a specific level that allows them any leeway to get idk, near enough to cause some kind of rift.
i get it. like what's the point of trying when it just leads to getting hurt in the end.
yeah or losing shit there was maybe high hopes of. after it happens too many times, shit feels pointless.
yeah. yeah, exactly.
it is what it is.
i don't know how the fuck to move on.
the straight forward answer is, give it time to figure out how. idk what the how part is tho since i'm not the best when it comes to having a solid answer other than getting lost in the shit that's the least harmful and what you find some joy in. if it's possible.
i don't know, dude. maybe i'll just be a ghost for a while.
i wouldn't fault you for it. kind of what i was doing doing.
yeah, no shit.
you feel some type of way about it?
just worried about you, that's all.
i'm the last person to be worried about.
yeah, well.
don't. i'll be fine soon.
Nothing but Gravity

I Am Going Home
Roseaux • Roseaux II

Face Your Fear
Curtis Harding • Face Your Fear

Rocket Ship
Future • Future Hndrxx Presents..

Mind Playing Tricks On Me
Geto Boys • We Can't Be Stopped

Space Cadet (ft. Gunna)
Metro Boomin • NOT ALL HEROES...

Isis (ft. Logic)
Joyner Lucas • Isis Single

IDK • Digital - Single

Sueco the Child • Fast-Single

Off Deez
JID & J Cole • DiCaprio 2

Tyler, the Creator • IGOR

Late Night Feelings (feat. Lykke Li)
Mark Ronson • Late Night Feelin..

Ben Khan • Ben Khan

Places + Faces
Aminé • Places + Faces

When the Party Is Over
Billie Ellish • WHEN WE ALL FALL..

Space Cadet • Metro Boomin
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hey whats good?
hey man, sorry i've been mia. just .. i dunno. shit was wild from that event, you know? but how are you and how is the family doing?
uh don't be sorry. i'm kinda in the same boat. took like a leave of absence or was made to because not all bad press is good press apparently. anyway uh i'm sorry you got caught up in the bullshit. the fam is ok.
dude, fuck them. they were being shady as hell anyways and you don't need that kind of drama anyways. i'm glad the fam is okay, and i hope you are too. you deserve better. and don't apologize. nothing was your fault.
i guess. that's the life or it..yeah i was just being a lil' reckless.
we all get a little reckless from time to time. i do a lot. at least once a month for a whole week.
do you ever feel weird ... like .. for a week?
uh i'm going to let you in on some shit. that feeling seems to surpass just a week.
wait, no way. are you serious? how are you coping with it?
uh....idk. been up in space for a while, believe it or not trying to process shit.
space ... man, that's the dream. must be real peaceful up there. you're lucky.
peaceful. perhaps. it's still a whole mess up top, you know?
i believe it. but it's gotta be a little bit more quiet than earth at the very least.
it's quiet but i can access entertainment from this far away from earth. i'll bring back a rock from the moon.
you bringing that for me? aw, shucks. you shouldn't have.
yeah sure. why not. lol.