April 20, 2018 at 7:46 PM


Sorry in advance. Start of the week was crazy. It should end on a good note. Praying it rolls that way being quiet so far. OH I changed the oil and added a new filter. Needs a tune-up soon. Don't waste your money on getting one. Do it yourself. I left the notes but you know this already. Sorry I splurged on a few things. You. NEED. TO. HAVE. FUN. BALL OUT SOMETIMES OR I'LL DO IT FOR YOU, MOTHERFUCKER.

Lantern house is where it's been last time. Going tonight with Daisy? You know her as your neighbor and bro-date at Rian's tomorrow. Promise I won't screw anything up, except screw any studying. Can't. Do. It. With. A. Full. Head. Of. Shit. GOING. ON. FROM. LAST. MONTH.

Take Tetsuo to the park soon.

Go shopping.

Check the ring when this week ends. سلام عليكم


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January 25, 2018 at 11:35 PM

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Super Nora
are you free at 9PM tonight? if not, can you be?
i can be.
okay. thanks. i'll send you the location when i have it.
ok cool.
if kyle's ring runs out of juice or doesn't work or something, are you still good to do your heal-y thing? kori will be there just in case, too.
i have faith it'll work but yeah.
i know i should too, but i'm freaking out.
i would freak tf out too in your shoes but no more freaking out is needed!!
yeah. i'm gonna go take a stress nap.
have a good nap.
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