in a nutshell
their father emigrated from lebanon to the u.s. before he met their mom. their mother is 1st gen lebanese american. her folks are originally from lebanon but she's probably of another heritage other than lebanese that's never really spoken about. considers herself american first? their parents had four kids in total. two older sisters (olivia & raven), nasim, and 'chance'. name change is your perogative. they pmuch grew up in d.c. it was low - to middle class througout their years. all the kids are more assimilated to western/american culture but remain close to their parents roots to some extent. for the most part they're fairly open folks who've raised their kids in diverse settings especially with other non-arabic, poc practicing muslims who lived in their old 'hood. and their humble beginnings put them in a boat with a lot of other groups of people so they're fully aware of the struggle across the board, especially after the messed up political climate that was the last couple of years and of course post 9/11. they all were raised in the islamic faith. haven't ironed out which lane of islam though.

nasim was the second to go off to college. he quit after his 3rd year chasing love and found his way in boston around 05'. things went sour with that relationship, and done so with his parents who cast him as the black sheep for not going through his plans. he went through a lot experienced homelessness, petty crimes, and running with not so great people but they were like family until trouble knocked on their door and disbanded them. he walked away and tried to straighten his shit out few years after that. he had a strained relationship with the parents up until late 2015? nasim moved back home after spending about 10yrs in boston, because their oldest sister's (olivia zein, nee haddad) husband (omar zein) died from heart failure. nasim wanted to help with her get through the loss and care for his nieces and nephew. aka become a manny. while he's been back home all of 2016, he finished his last year left to earn a degree then, and made amends with their parents.

he left d.c. for boston in the beginning of 2017 to continue school for his masters through a special program at Boston u. so dude has been there since then on the straight and narrow for the most part. but since august of this year, everything changed by the snappening. he pulled out from school, which was supposed to be boston u, instead had been berkley uc. has since been on a reality show, currently in between a gig, and is on track of becoming a reality star from the attention grabbed from living in a real world type of show for the latter part of august, into september.

current fam situation
his parents live in the d.c. suburb of bowie, which is the home he grew up in when he was in hs. while one sister (olivia) and her family lives in logan circle within dc metro and the younger sister (raven) and her family lives in hillcrest. again with the snappening, olivia and her children i've decided, were snapped to los angeles where olivia is fulfilling job opportunities in the fashion realm, and is currently seperated from her husband. everyone else remains the same. here's what his fam looks like except for his dad's parents (rita & wasim haddad) who have dual citizenship between lebanon and the uk. they currently live in the uk.

most of the haddads' are practicing muslims, especially their father. the kids aren't as pressed about it as his father is. he's even gotten less conservative about the practice but is still a devout muslim. nasim doesn't practice at all but since encountering the shifts again fully for a year now, off and on lately he's been thinking about revisiting it after all these years as something to anchor him down during the craziness that kicks up each month. his parents for the most part respected nasim's decision after reconciliation. i think the mom and older sis are the only ones who practice wearing modest clothing during major muslim holidays and mosque visitations, mixed with modern sensibilities because they both like to be fashionable even with a hajib or other forms of clothing. the second oldest (raven) isn't as devout to the religion and does her own thing.

since nasim has been on tv, the family knows about his secret kind of. the public not so much but have an idea he's special. their parents are disappointed in him more because of his actions on tv rather than who he is. which he has yet to fully explain in detail but has done so with his sisters. only a matter of time when he speaks to 'chance' assuming he does know.

little bro line ideas
i haven't plotted much further about his younger brother's whereabouts other than a couple of ideas. he's almost considered a vagabond or free spirit of the four kids. but let's say he's been around living temporarily with some friends (could be anywhere geologically in the us or abroad, visited every so often.). either lil bro completed school or skipped out on it as wanting to gain life experience before completing? maybe moved around before finding his way to san francisco and with a kid he had been hush-hush about it to his fam the last year or so. the second idea i recently had was that 'chance' by some inquiry or his interests in gov work, had been recruited by CSA to work for them as a tech savvy analyst? or another position. how he was looked into before recruitment, could've been his relationship to nasim (who CSA knows is simon baz during cv weeks), connection to friends that were both hackers and into the conspiracy of superheroes and followed pmuch the darkweb trail of sightings/news articles that vanished publicly about the villain/superhero ongoings that happened between boston/san francisco in the last three years, and wanted the kid's skill set? hence his sort of vagabound lifestyle on the surface to people he knows? his parents were more lenient on the youngest because they were older and really wanted less stress to deal with. expected less? the last time nasim physically seen his lil' brother was in jan of 2018 when he went for a weekend visit to dc. but they keep in touch frequently despite not knowing every secret of the kid.