june hwang (junho to family and select few only) was born on october 13, 1997 in seoul, sk under the heavy rain of scandal, conspiracy, heartache and the stress of international laws before relocating to aurora, co shortly after his fourth birthday. a childhood passion and talent for imitating dropped him into the world of a voice actor, but with a highly musical family it was only a matter of time before june dipped his toes in as well and explored his interests as a musician. at eighteen june officially moved to long beach, ca to attend ucla (environmental engineering) but has been on academic hiatus since august 2019. father to espresso, latte (both 6) and bat (4).

sounds like:  conan gray 

 2020  Lego DC: Shazam!: Magic and Monsters
☇ billy batson
 2018  Lego DC Batman: Family Matters
☇ billy batson

☇ fleem
 2018  flavors of youth (Segment: Shanghai Koi)
☇ limo (eng dub)
 2016  throne of elves
☇ fish
 2012  Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary (tv movie)
☇ finn the human
 2009  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
☇ additional voices
 2005  My Neighbors the Yamadas
☇ additional voices (Eng dub)

 2020  JJ Villard's Fairy Tales
☇ boypunzel
 2020  Adventure Time: Distant Lands
☇ finn the human
 2016–2018  Voltron: Legendary Defender
☇ lance
 2016  We Bare Bears (ep: "Nom Nom's Entourage")
☇ andrew bangs
 2010–2019  adventure time
☇ finn the human
 2007-2010  chowder
☇ ceviche/young mung/Scraps/Kabob

 2018  Lego DC Super-Villains
☇ billy batson
 2018  Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion
☇ finn the human
 2018  Lego Dimensions (Adventure Time Level Pack)
☇ finn the human
 2015  Cartoon Network Superstar Soccer: Goal
☇ finn the human
 2015  adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations
☇ finn the human
 2014  Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
☇ finn the human
 2013  Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!
☇ finn the human
 2012  Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!
☇ finn the human

known in three parts: his time as finn, his presence on youtube, and (now) as the renaissance painting of a gen z sad boi. prior to the release of kid krow, june enjoyed relative anonymity with only the occasional ultra fan able to recognize his face while out on the street, something that came in handy while first delving into university life. the world at large is still getting to know him (though having the right kind of better known and beloved friends helps with that) but, to the surprise of some, he's already made his rounds in various degrees of popularity as That Guy who is unafraid to @ a celebrity at random with a marriage proposal, unsolicited meme, or invitation to hang out simply because he's bored.
a libra with moon and rising both in pisces. fire ox. enfj-t and 9w8. slightly agoraphobic. family always comes first. questions about his egg donor are strictly forbidden. epitome of doing too much. agreeable and diplomatic. publicly concedes, privately stews. dangerously romantic and prone to obsessively hopeful dreaming. gives great advice but never follows any of it himself. ruled first by emotions, second by fear. memes, memes, memes. has a lisp that appears when he's at his weakest. out, loud, proud. swims in self-created pools of guilt. culturally insecure and living in uncertain gray areas. unwavering environmentalist. "my dad is my best friend."

the family
youngchul "charlie" ( grandpa, 62 ) — stern albeit adoring and endlessly, unquestioningly supportive. teaches korean, japanese, and mandarin full time both in private and public settings. best known for his unexpected appearance in one of june's (shitty) asmr videos that fart.
hayoon ( grandma, 60 ) — works in careful, calculated silences that terrify more than intended. runs her own salon (a gift from her children + june) and finds it easy to make friends (or at least play nice) with even the most unpleasant of personalities.
jumin "min" ( father, 37 ) — poet and songwriter. reclusive, absurd, sarcastic and prone to holding himself and those closest to him to impossibly high standards, but equally fond of giving up and moving on. quietly navigating life after overcoming alcoholism.
juri ( aunt, 30 ) — more sister than aunt. a highly performative individual who manages to be both incredibly dry and thoughtful. common sense is her main virtue, and she always seems to have just the right scathing text that puts things into perspective. musician. wishes the aliens would take her.
juwon "john" ( uncle, 26 ) — or, as june prefers to call him, juan. more brother than uncle. days are split between a full time job working at his mother's salon and completing his mba, though recently has begun considering taking a break from both to spend more time with juri and/or june.