nasim haddad
full name nasim simon haddad nickname nas, sim, etc. birthdate july 23rd, 1985 (35) place of birth washington, d.c. current residence oakland, ca education georgetown, boston university occupation Reality TV talent & Development Partner/Host status solo dolo personality esfj-t, leo
disposition for a kid that was once an overachiever, nasim's trajectory landed him where he felt his heart was meant to be. not what was highly expected of it. his mind works to develop original thoughts and inventive discourse on problem solving. is social to a fault, that it can often push him way off course to a prioritize goal. people are a distraction to him, especially those with similar interests or who stands out like a jewel. attempts to play modest for sake of fishing for praise, or making a well placed impression on others. can give sage advice, but is the type not to follow his own. most of his desires might lack follow through, leaving ideas and some pursuits to fall by the wayside, people included. has a knack to avoid responsibility until he cannot do so, which makes more of a disturbance in his life. qualified as an easy going guy with unlimited potential to be more than he portrays but his lax nature and overall finding the easy way out attitude prohibits him from reaching it. some of these traits have waned as experience and age become hard lessons learned. he is concerned with doing the right things to keep those close happy and proud of him.

biography Born to two hard working parents, in District of Colombia, Nasim would face the world as it was presented to him through blurred lenses. He was the oldest boy but the second to last, slipping by majority of the time. The middle kid syndrome skipped one child as he inherited the effects of the phenomenon. Going by unnoticed was not complete in his development as he was looked upon by his father to be the one to follow in those footprints, only better. His older sisters watched out for him as much as they could and he repaid them whenever they were approached with mistreatment.

There were some common pains endured for being different in a society that praises the desecration of beliefs not of Christian origin, but living inside a world where values displaced between four kids, would be a stepping stone into direction for where his parents wanted him to go. Nasim met expectations in school, gaining high marks. He tried to balance being a kid, with the importance of following rules by the head of the house, Allah, and that of himself.

When influences outside of the trinity of his focus were seductive to his sensibilities, he found himself in compromising positions as a teenager. The domino effect post 9/11 contributed to seeking refuge outside of opposition from peers and anyone else walking through the gas of national fear. Petty trouble nearly broke him and any trust his parents had in him, when they suspected it was going to be more challenging to live their lives honestly as anyone else.

Saved by an older brother figure in the neighborhood, Nasim shied away by the skin of his teeth from making more stupid mistakes that sent a lot of his friends in trouble with the law or with responsibilities they had no way of handling. He gave his parents his word. His path was reset by doubling down on his studies, following a small inkling of a passion he held under wraps. Being taught how to work on vehicles came as a surprise as he was interested in learning the way it worked and the science in place to make a vehicle and other advanced engine and propulsion systems to operate.

While his father made a living in a similar field on a scale that needed the additional brains for a company that did not appreciate the elder’s talents, Nasim believed he wouldn’t encounter the same. Taking his talents on a collegiate level. Encountering similar hardships as any other student faced, he was dedicated majority of the time to his studies. Working under the pressure that cranked on another level. Semesters came and went. The inclusion in the party scene, girls, and not living at home swayed. Not as much as catching a whiff of the love bug.

Young people were idiotic and he was just the same as he was more smitten by the allure of a college sweetheart he didn’t plan on seeing anything longer than a hookup with. Her set beliefs in wanting to fly by the seat and course through life as it were an adventure, stung him deeply that he too wanted to follow. He wanted to feel the same and not have the constraints of familial obligations holding him back when he had his life ahead of him to fall back on. This narrowed thinking encouraged him to play to her dreams rather than buckle in with his own.

Weakened by mind expansion of broadens views through his few years in school, he escaped Maryland, told his family he wanted to find what awaited for him in Boston, only to find his naivety work against him. The romance lasted no longer than a year after departing home as he tried to scramble to make ends meet. He couch surfed a lot, also working odd jobs until finding a niche. Nasim slowly was unraveling, unable to pick up the pieces of his heart and romantic life.

He turned to sketchy friends of his ex, that needed muscle to help in gaining wheels for cash, also the parts. This led him into a world he didn't enjoy but did what he could to feed his face and have a steady home. The distance between family grew wider than ever when reaching out for help. Denied, he decided from that moment on to rely on himself. In an act of rebellion and submitting to the lulls of the rough years his early twenties provided, he denounced what he was brought up on, including the devout following of his Islamic faith.

If his family, namely his father asserted himself to not give into a young man who thought he had it figured out, Nasim would play by that role. He tried with the apparent struggle and slowly worked his way out of a hell he caused himself. There was the immediate growing up to do and a little dispelling of being told he would not feel as welcomed among the ranks of his other siblings, including his older sisters who were near settling down. As his younger brother was aging and going to face similar difficulties he did. He slowly started to change his ways and cutting ties with the young adults that weren’t helpful by any means.

His years in Boston weren’t mundane and he applied the same amount of efforts of rebuilding his image in the eyes of himself rather than his parents. There were moments that he questioned what he was doing. Distancing the interests he once had, and exchanging them for something else. His directionless nature took a life of its own while he was swept up in a peculiar time. At the later part of 2015, Nasim departed Boston for reasons that ranged from a family tragedy to a peace of mind.

His move back to DC was to ensure his older sister wouldn’t be left to grieve alone while he helped with his nieces and nephew. After losing her husband, and a man Nasim respected, he had found a way of stepping up as a man. In his presence, Nasim made the decision to make amends with his parents from the stunts he pulled in his early twenties that caused them grief. To earn a place in any of their graces left, he submitted by applying for school and taking courses aggressively that would guarantee completion of what he started as a late teen.

He continued to make himself useful as a son, brother, and left little time for the antics that living in Boston created. It gotten rough through the latter part of 2016 because of the political climate and flagrant embroiled hatred kicked up towards the marginalized, including immigrants and ‘othered' Americans. Most of which had a bigger time juggling the acceptance of his faith and trying to live in that world he once denounced.

Being free of an entity he encountered in Boston was gifted and a curse for those very reasons after going from fighting wickedness poured upon boston to a regular Joe trying to support his family. The idea of the city began nagging and he, with blessings plus aide by his parents and siblings, decided to continue his education there at Boston University to concentrate on the engineering focus he abandoned in his early 20s by the grace of acceptance.

He got in contact with an old mentor for a favor while making a transition back to Boston. Has been living back in the city since January of 2017, working, schooling, keeping his head on straight, and silently praying to Allah that he what he continues to work on won’t have any interruptions.
comicverse biography
Simon Baz was an automotive engineer from Dearborn, Michigan. After losing his job in Detroit's fluctuating automotive industry, he began stealing cars to help assist with finances. One night, after stealing a vehicle, he discovered that there was an explosive planted in the back of it. Due to his ethnic and religious background, he was prosecuted for terrorism after narrowly escaping the car explosion. Elsewhere, Hal Jordan and Thaal Sinestro's malfunctioning power rings presumed them both dead during an altercation with Black Hand. Their two defected power rings fused together and immediately sought out Earth's replacement Lantern, Simon Baz! ( sources: )

current status ▪ as of may 19th 2019, the knowledge of cv weeks from the past to current, is known by nasim, as a veil lift is his reality. causing the complete and complicated appearance of simon to be present in a full-time manner.

facts ▪ dropped out of college to chase love, a regretful decision. decided to live in boston after the move that felt useless after a year of a tumultuous relationship

▪ was the black sheep of his family

▪ owns a 68' ss camaro.

▪ rooms with his 8yr old pit, tetsuo, 4yr old bengal cat, nala, bulma, a special needs rescue with IVDD, and a latest recruit oreo.

▪ has lived in boston for almost 10yrs before moving back to D.C. towards the end of 2015 to be close to his family in need. stayed away from boston to help support his older sister olivia, and her kids after the death of her husband. also took the time to make amends with his parents, particularly his father.

▪ decided to aggressively take required classes to complete his last unfinished year to earn liberal arts degree at georgetown university to gain his parents approval and future financial help.

▪ attended boston u in 2017 upon moving back to participate in phase I of the LEAP program to work towards a masters in mechanical engineer.

▪ held various odd jobs over the course of his adult life, but has an affinity to sales through the car industry. occasionally worked under the table doing general maintenance and landscaping for his former landlord, who's looked out for nasim over the years

▪ distanced himself from an upbringing on the islamic faith due to the tear and abandonment stance his parents took for the choices and decisions he's made. other reasons on a personal level has distanced him from his faith and religion in general. respects other people's choices when it comes to it but does not stand for its use as a tool of manipulation, degragation, and oppression towards others

▪ wants to own a house one day so his nieces and nephews can visit during summers and be kids in an open space

▪ watches a lot of animation films and tv series, especially anime.

▪ randomly spends time in music stores to play on the piano while wanting to own a baby grand one day

▪ can be an unintentional adrenaline junkie. is into endurance racing, terrain bike riding, rock climbing and indoor parkour. competing many tough mudders in his adult life.

▪ believes in the consumption of thc/cbd products manages his once undiagnosed ptsd.

▪ looks out for his neighbors one way or another and volunteers with homeless orgs of oakland, especially putting his lantern resources and social media platform to good use

▪ had a months long public fling with a notable sntv exec. erupting rumors of the reason for his rise on the network in 2019.

▪ periodically uploads and/or gives lessons to baymax pertaining to human customs and world knowledge, including types of martial arts.

▪ constructs complex engine sytems and various spacecrafts or vehicles in his spare time

▪ a cereal foods fiend, including cap'n crunch, pop-tarts and pancakes.

▪ avoids the paps majority of the time because of their invasive nature but occasionally falls in line with a photo op for fans.